Allowing you to leverage your sales ledger to improve cash flow, or release funds to invest in new opportunities.

Fast, flexible and reliable funding solutions from a financing partner that moves as fast as you.

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Get access to a funding solution to match the way you run your business.

The TCP advantage comes from leveraging our technology to create a frictionless, unparalleled customer journey.

Next-gen financing at the speed of you.

Whatever your unique situation, however big or small your business, our funding solutions can bridge the gap between raising an invoice and getting paid.

100% digital application process.


It’s quick and easy to get started.


Input basic information about your business.


Receive a personalised proposal.


Select the invoices that you wish to advance.

The right financial solutions for you.


Invoice factoring is a cost-effective way to immediately improve your business’ cash flow. If you invoice other businesses and want to quickly free up working capital, let’s talk.


A finance solution to increase your working capital and support your business’ growth.  Invoice discounting releases cash from outstanding invoices to give your business the working capital it needs to make plans happen and reach your goals.


A buyer-led programme where payment to suppliers can be accelerated once the buyer has approved the invoice for payment. Supplier Finance can help improve cashflow, reduce costs and risk, and ensure that the supply chain is more stable and resilient.


Addresses the needs health care providers who provide direct care to patients, but risk cash flow issues from slow-paying third-party payers.  Medical invoice factoring can be used by any healthcare provider that works with private insurers or government insurance programs.


A simple way to turn monthly revenue into flexible growth capital. If you are generating revenue in e-commerce, SaaS and beyond, you can obtain cost-effective funding by accessing future revenue, today.

We work with you to find the solution that best meets your cash flow challenges, maximises your flexibility, and allows you to concentrate on achieving your business goals.

Let's Create a Winning Partnership

We work with a number of advisors and partners to ensure that SMEs have access to the funding they need to grow. If you work on the front line with businesses in a financial advisory role, register as a TCP agent and earn a commission by referring your clients to us.

Our mission

SMEs are under-served by the traditional banking system.

To provide reliable working capital financing solutions to SMEs and high growth startups underserved by banks, built around localised finance solutions using a cutting-edge AI-driven platform.

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